Turn Out Gear

Firefighters face serious risks on the job such as burn injury, heat exhaustion, cuts, varying types of scrapes, mental stress, etc. Additionally, they frequently come into contact with high levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic hazards. As a result, this sector requires high quality protective clothing that must be flame retardant and offer maximum mechanical resistance in addition to being highly portable.

Arvind’s BTTG certified structural firefighting suit not only protects the fighter from any adverse injuries that might occur on the job but also regulates the thermal conditioning inside the suit. Our 3-layer suit consisting of an outer shell, moisture barrier and a thermal liner is extremely lightweight which eases the process of donning and doffing.

Our Solutions

IGNX AraShield®

Inherently FR multinorm fabric with excellent arc rating

IGNX ModaShield®

Inherently FR fabric surpassing international standards for protection against heat & flame hazards

IGNX DuraPlus®

Multinorm cotton blend fabric for unmatched FR protection

IGNX Stellar

Arvind's proprietary inherently FR multinorm fabric

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