Flash Fire

Arc Flash

Flash fires generate a high heat flux that lasts only a couple of seconds but can cause severe injuries to the workers. A major source of flash fire injuries is the continual burning of non-FR clothing even after the initial flash of fire has been extinguished. Wearing flame retardant clothing that self-extinguishes can give workers the must-needed time to escape the hazard and dramatically reduce burn injuries.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 2112 specifically deals with use of FR garments to protect against flash fires.

Tested under the standard protocol of ASTM 1930, the FR properties of Arvind fabrics will preclude ignition and continued combustion, thus providing enough time for the worker to escape the hazard.

Our Solutions

IGNX DuraPlus®

Multinorm cotton blend fabric for unmatched FR protection

IGNX ModaShield®

Inherently FR fabric surpassing international standards for protection against heat & flame hazards

IGNX AraShield®

Inherently FR multinorm fabric with excellent arc rating

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