Arc Flash

Arc Flash

An arc flash is an explosive release of energy from an electrical arc when the electrical current passes through ionized air. It can result from accidental contact with the electrical systems, the build-up of conductive dusts, corrosion, dropped tools, or improper work procedures. The heat and flame arising from arc flash can cause external burns, internal burns, cuts and scrapes from molten metal projectiles or in some extreme cases even death.

Electrical workers can avert extreme accidents caused from an arc flash by wearing arc-rated protective clothing. Such protective clothing should comply with global standards like NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, EN ISO 1161, EN 61482-2-1, EN ISO 11611, EN 1149-5.

Arvind provides solutions for arc flash and arc blast hazards with fabrics ranging between ATPV 4-40 cal/cm². For over a decade we have been constantly striving towards making your workplace a safer, efficient and more comfortable environment.

Our Solutions

IGNX AraShield®

Inherently FR multinorm fabric with excellent arc rating

IGNX ModaShield®

Inherently FR fabric surpassing international standards for protection against heat & flame hazards

IGNX DuraPlus®

Multinorm cotton blend fabric for unmatched FR protection

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