Camouflage has been used to visually conceal and protect soldiers and military equipment in different kinds of terrains (such as desert, forest, and snow). With the advancement in technology, this camouflage is required not just against visual but also against IR detection devices. Hence adding IRR technology to the same provides protection on a whole other spectrum. Fabrics are given a special IRR finish to provide unique visual and spectral disguise.
Arvind’s state-of-the-art printing and processing house is able to offer a wide range of camouflage and IRR solutions as per the varied customer requirement. Following stringent specifications, the polyester and polyamide fibres are blended to sustain multiple wear while retaining the functional properties.
Fabric Range: 150-250 gsm

Our Solutions

IGNX AraShield®

Inherently FR multinorm fabric with excellent arc rating

IGNX ModaShield®

Inherently FR fabric surpassing international standards for protection against heat & flame hazards

IGNX DuraPlus®

Multinorm cotton blend fabric for unmatched FR protection

IGNX Stellar

Arvind's proprietary inherently FR multinorm fabric

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